December 20, 2009

Walking By Faith – No Matter What!

By faithsprings

For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Cor 5:7)


As believers, the bible expects us to walk by faith. Walking by faith implies walking according to God’s Word.

Sometimes we are faced with a dilemma, where the circumstance we are facing contradicts the Word of God that we believe in. At those times, our victory is assured only as we line up our actions with the Word. As the scripture says in Jer 1:12, “Our Father watches over His word to perform it”.

Regardless of the pressures we face, God has assured us of victory as we walk according to His Word. The miracle we are looking out for may not come in 10mins, 10days, 10weeks or 10 months – but it will come. The Word never fails.

So when next you are faced with a seemingly impossible situation, and all you can see around you seem to be insurmountable mountains – remember this: We walk by faith, not by sight!